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We have the ability to make any kind of custom stencil that you could ask for. A custom stencil is crucial if you need a word or graphic to be a specific height or size. Maybe you need to mark various places with paint but aren’t really sure how to go about it? We can produce Custom Stencils from Mylar, Vinyl, Chip-Board or Polycarbonate with the quickness. If you want need a custom stencil that you can use over and over again…. maybe you required a custom font or a specifically sized graphic? Mylar or thick plastic is probably my favorite way to apply to a wall and do some stencil painting. Mylar gives you the ability to get a little rough with your stencil. You can use it over and over without having to worry about ripping or tearing your custom stencil. If you need a stencil for a “one-time deal” it might be a wise choice to go with wax paper. Tape it up, paint over it and toss it your custom stencil in the trash! Fine!

Mylar or Polycarbonate custom stencils are by-far the best materials to use when your custom stencil is mandatory and may be exposed to abuse. Basic stencil material like oil-board or wax paper will break down over time and deteriorate (or even possibly tear!) We offer custom stencils in almost any size and on many different different substrates. Wall stencils – We generally make our stencils out of mylar as it’s water proof. A custom stencil The best way to lay down paint over a stencil is to use very thick paint and a roller. The thicker the paint the less likely it is to run under the stencil after you run the roller over it. We can supply you with a custom stencil in almost any size and on several different substrates. Fill out the RFQ form below for a custom stencil and we can make all of your Stencil dreams into a reality.

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