Large Wall Stencils Boldly Display Your Message from a Great Distance

Large Wall StencilsLarge wall stencils can take any boring wall and make it send a message. Just apply the stencil, add paint and pow! That blank wall is now emblazoned with your message or artwork. Peel the stencil off and give it a rinse, and you’re ready to go again. How many walls will you paint with your large wall stencils? That’s completely up to you. If you’ve got paint, a wall and a need for a large image or message, we’re ready to help you out. How large are our large wall stencils? Up to 52 inches on a side. That’s four and a half feet! I know children who aren’t that tall. You could get life-sized large wall stencils of all of your kids. How’s that for unique birthday presents? Hang those on the fridge, or just paint them straight onto the living room wall! If you’re Canadian, European or a scientist, don’t be scared off by the imperial units used above. We can make our large wall stencils in metric, too. For example, 52 inches is basically 1.5 meters! If you actually send us measurements in meters, we will do a real conversion, not simply make up numbers like just happened here. That’s our guarantee to you.

Speaking of science, every one of our large wall stencils is custom-cut by a laser. That means it’s precise down to the micrometer, or “mini-inch” in imperial units. Whatever image, design or message you send to us, we will turn it into a flawless stencil so that you can replicate it over and over. We can make your large wall stencils out of a variety of materials ranging from paper all the way up to polycarbonate. If you’re only planning on using your large wall stencils once, a thinner material will work fine. If you’re looking for something to last for years, try one of the thicker materials! They’ll hold up to repeated paintings and won’t tear or wear down.

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